Tree Trimming & Pruning

Pruning your trees regularly gives you peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your outdoor activities. At Marquis Tree Service we take pride in being highly trained and qualified to prune your trees properly. There are several important reasons to prune a tree:


Tree limbs growing too close to a structure can:

  • Cause damage by rubbing against houses and buildings
  • Lead to decay, as sun cannot adequately dry wood and shingles after wet weather
  • Allow squirrels and other animals to enter your home
  • Interfere with overhead wires, leading to dangerous situations or interruptions in service


Pruning can lead to a healthier tree by:

  • Increasing structural stability through the removal of weak or crossing branches
  • Improving airflow between branches, allowing for better sunlight penetration and reducing the chances of damage during high winds
  • Enabling the tree to dry more quickly, making it less susceptible to insect attacks and fungal diseases


A tree can be made safer through reducing the weight of large limbs and removing dead and damaged branches that could fall into a yard or onto a home or car.

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Services
Company Overview

We have serviced thousands of families as well as businesses and municipalities in Massachusetts. Chances are, if you live in Burlington, MA, Concord, BedfordWinchester, MA, Lexington, MA or anywhere in Middlesex County and the surrounding area, you know someone who is satisfied with the tree removal done by Marquis Tree Service.

Our services include: Tree Pruning, Tree Removal , Stump Grinding and Crane Service for large or hazardous tree removal.

Why Choose Us

We have been an area leader in tree care and tree removal since we were established in 1993. In an industry where safety is paramount, we have made a commitment to do things right.

  • Safe & professional Tree service;
  • Well equipped and fully insured;
  • Fair and economical pricing;
  • Educated & experienced;
  • Friendly & courteous.
  • Certified Massachusetts Arborist