Crane Removal

At Marquis Tree service we have one of the largest cranes in the industry. Utilizing a crane is by far the best way to remove unwanted trees. Often we are able to remove trees in your back yard without ever leaving your driveway. Using a crane is Safer, faster, and more economical than traditional methods of tree removal. Best of all It drastically reduces damage to your yard because heavy pieces of trees can be lifted and lowered gently instead dropped onto your landscape, also being able to reach trees so far away often alleviates the need to bring heavy trucks over your lawn and into your back yard. Using our custom built crane we are able to surgically remove trees that are growing in tight spaces such as next to houses or over patios without causing any damage. Check us out on face book you will be amazed!

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Services
Company Overview

We have serviced thousands of families as well as businesses and municipalities in Massachusetts. Chances are, if you live in Burlington, MA, Winchester, MA, Lexington, MA or anywhere in Middlesex County and the surrounding area, you know someone who is satisfied with the tree removal done by Marquis Tree Service.

Our services include: Tree Pruning, Tree Removal , Stump Grindingand Crane Service for large or hazardous tree removal

Why Choose Us

We have been an area leader in tree care and tree removal since we were established in 1993. In an industry where safety is paramount, we have made a commitment to do things right.

  • Safe & professional Tree service;
  • Well equipped and fully insured;
  • Fair and economical pricing;
  • Educated & experienced;
  • Friendly & courteous.
  • Certified Massachusetts Arborist